Happy Mail + November Craft Haul: Happy Me!

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Thank heavens for Manilenya friends, and more thankful for this Manilenya "Crafter" friend who understands my craziness with craft stuff!

A few weeks ago, we were planning to shop online at AliExpress with washi tapes, clear stamps, and die cuts (for her). However, it didn't push through because of the payment option - we still prefer PayPal. *wink*

Until one day, she told me that Landmark has washi tapes, stickers, and tin cans; just like the ones found in AliExpress. And the rest, my dear friends, is history. *happy dance*

Let's take a look at my haul slash happy mail I got yesterday.

This is what's in the parcel - a mix of stickers, washi tapes, and tin cans. I just love everything about them, things like these make me happy! ^_^

Craft Haul and Happy Mail from Metro Manila

The Happy Mail

Hurray for the Happy Mail!!!

Let's start off with the goodies that made this parcel extra special. This amazing Happy Mail from my Manilenya friend, Tracy, made my heart beat so fast that I almost forgot about the Landmark items, instead, I gushed over those items coming from her.

She also included those from her online shop, Scrap Stash, which are the iron-on vinyl and a mini kit that can be used for a scrapbook, card-making, or planner. She also included a tin can, clear stamp, stickers, washi sampler, postcard, and watercolor tube. See, you know why it's called a Happy Mail! ^_^

Items from Scrap Stash

"Love to Blog" Iron-On Vinyl Sticker | Scrap Stash

Cats and Dogs Mini Kit | Scrap Stash

More goodies from Tracy! Yay!

My November Craft Haul

Craft Haul for November

Now, in this corner, let's talk about this cuteness overload craft haul. First off, I want to thank Tracy for purchasing these for me. If only I still live in Manila, you know we will definitely frequent Landmark together just for stuff like this! And thank you, Landmark, for having these in your Department Store, you just made our life easier! Right, Tracy?! Lol!

So, what's included in my November Haul? Well, aside from the stickers that will be used for my Planner, I also bought Washi tapes! Take note, it's just only now that I hoarded washi tapes because they're very affordable! And not to mention those shabby and vintage tin cans; looks like my love for tin cans is back!

Oh, let's not forget about the nibs from The Crafters Marketplace for my calligraphy and the mini vase that will be used for watercolors too. Love 'em all!

Molang Sticker at Php44.75 and Vanilla Days Sticker at Php39.75 | Landmark
(each contains 6 sticker sheet)

Shabby Round Tin Cans at Php29.75 each | Landmark

Vintage Mini Tin Can at Php24.75 | Landmark

Washi Tapes at Php69.75 each | Landmark
(1 box has 2 different designs of washi tapes)

Washi Tapes at Php14.75 each | Landmark

Hiro Leonard No.41 Calligraphy Nib at Php90.00 each | The Crafters Marketplace

Mini Vase at Php35.00 | Alturas

There you go!

Thanks again, Tracy! Love everything you sent me! *wink*

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  1. I didn't know your like small tins. I have big and small Altoid Tins before and threw them. I kept one for my nibs. :) Next time I travel, I'll get you the big and small sizes. :)

  2. Wow, that is such a great haul! The caligraphy stuff can be very useful for an artsy person like you!