Saturday, April 7, 2018

April Haul: Planner Punch Board, Paper Clips, Sticker Papers, and More...

It's April already and another month to feature my collective craft haul. I've been into several projects lately and some plans to revive my online shop. I'm also doing some organizing which made me decide to buy some stuff to finally start what needs to be done.

April Craft Haul

I'm not going to make this introduction long, so here's what I got for this month collective haul.

Bookstore Haul

Matte Sticker Paper
I've been into printing stickers recently and I find it very economical to use those FREE printable stickers from the internet for my memory planning. All I just need is my trusty printer and this very affordable sticker paper - matte finish to be exact.

Expert's Choice Photo Sticker (Transparent)
And because of the free printables, I'd like to try printing them on a transparent sticker and see if it will turn out nice. I wonder if there's a matte finish for transparent stickers too? Hmmm...

Paper Mate Correction Pen and G-TEC C3 Refill
I never thought I would be able to find a Paper Mate product here and I thought they only offer Flair Pens. It's a good thing though because I really need to have a correction pen for my planner. The G-TEC, on the other hand, is for my favorite pen! I'm having problems with my G-TEC since I dropped it on the floor a few times already. It's a good thing there are available refills near my place.

The Happy Mail and personal purchase

Crafter's Square Taper Runner and Scrivo 000 Watercolor Brushes
When my friend sent me a picture of the tape runner I really begged her if I could buy 1 from her. I love using double-sided tape on whatever project I do, even on gift wraps I use them too. So having this tape runner will make my life easier because I don't need to cut and peel every time I use them. Thanks, Tracy, for the extra one! ^_^   Now for the Scrivo Brushes, got it from her destash since she's not using it anymore and prefers bigger size for her projects; while I prefer 000 for my calligraphy.

Circle Puncher (1")
This is a pasabuy from Fairy Bunchkins shop which was shipped to my friends house together with her clear stamps haul and she shipped it here to me together with my TCM haul. Thank you again my friend! ^_^

Now these goodies are the Happy Mail from Tracy! Thank you for the clear stamp inks, band bookmarker, and for giving me 2 MAMBI The Happy Planner disc-bound rings so I could personally see the sizes of the mini disc! I definitely want more of the minis! Lol!

And thank you also for the Dried Basil Leaves! Let's cook some pasta! Lol!

The Crafters Marketplace Haul

Recollections Gold Polka Dot Zipper Pouch for my Webster's Pages ring binder planner to keep small notes and papers or what nots. And these gorgeous Staples Gold Jumbo Paper Clips for my upcoming project for my online shop! Yay!

And lastly, my most awaited haul-of-the-month, We R Memory Keepers Planner Punch Board with Spiral Punch Inserts and Disc Punch Inserts! These babies are love! I've came up with the decision to finally get them for myself to finally organize and compile all my artworks and my daughter's too. I can also use this for my spiral Recollections planner and put some inserts on it.

On the following days, I'll be posting my review about my recent WMRK purchase. I will also feature some some projects that uses WMRK Planner Punch Board and probably more ideas that will be helpful for you. So please watch out for it! ^_^

By the way, if you noticed, I don't post the price of each of my haul for one simple reason - prices may change in time and I don't want to mislead and cause confusion to you. But if you'd like to know how much I got them, please don't hesitate to comment. Alrighty?!

Till then! ^_^

Thursday, March 22, 2018

March Haul: Fairy Bunchkins Stamps and Washi Tapes

I never thought I would come to a point that I will buy my own clear stamps and washi tapes. Years ago, I promised myself I will stay away from these crafty temptations because there's a huge possibility that I'll get addicted to such beauties.

Fast forward, I just found myself browsing different online shops. And it's hard, it's the most struggling moment of my life - struggling NOT to hoard. Lol!

Anyway, I was able to control myself in getting all those wonderful stamps and washis. I just selected what I think I can use, regularly. I'm proud to say that I didn't go overboard my budget - so yeah, there was no hoarding! *pat on the back*

Since I'm doing memory planning for this year using the Creative Year Bella Flora Mini Planner by Recollections, I'd like to add more materials to use than to what I've used last year. That's the reason why I decided to buy washi tapes from my previous hauls and of course clear stamps. I'm just glad that I found this online shop, through my friend, that sells affordable planner goodies - FAIRY BUNCHKINS.

Here's what I got from her:

 Clear Stamps
Weekends Stamp | Notes | Tiny Icons
Adventure Awaits Stamp | Calendar Stamp | Icons | TNR Alpha

Acrylic Block 5x5cm

Washi Tapes
Spring Washi | Flower Washi
Checklist Washi | Tickets Washi

freebie! ^_^

I love everything! And I just realized that I love floral washi tapes, that's what I'm going to buy next time. 

Please check out Fairy Bunchkins, because aside from washi tapes and clear stamps you can also find die cuts, planner stencils, embossing folders, and more!

Fairy Bunchkins

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Day 18-28: February Calligraphy Challenge

CL's birthday is near and that's what makes me busy now. Added by her upcoming monthly exams, I have so little time to even pick a pen and practice calligraphy. I'm just glad that I made it up to the 20th day of the daily challenge. But that doesn't mean that I just have to leave it like that. Of course I have to make up for the remaining 8 days.

Cheers for the wonderful February #HappyLetteringChallenge!

Day 18 - Massage

Day 19 - Compromise

Day 20 - Friendship

Day 21-28
Gaze - Fixed - Hold - Snuggle
Pamper - Cater - Nuzzle - Trust

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Day 11-17: February Calligraphy Challenge

I love to learn to doodle wild flowers, leaves, and succulents. This week, I tried to doodle one for my day-11 entry and I actually love it. I'd like to do more of this, but first.. I need to practice.

Another new thing I did was using a pencil for my day-16 entry. I'm inspired by @minortismay, I love her feed and I love how she only uses a pencil to create such a wonderful calligraphy piece. Proving that you don't need expensive inks, brush pens, and watercolors to learn and hone your skills, unless you're already a PRO on that field. This is exactly my principle when it comes to calligraphy.

Here's this week's #HappyLetteringChallenge.

Day 11 - Hope

Day 12 - Assure

Day 13 - Love

Day 14 - Valentine

Day 15 - Comfort

Day 16 - Squeeze

Day 17 - Giggle

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Day 04-10: February Calligraphy Challenge

I'm currently drawn to floral and foliage. I even wanted to learn to doodle and watercolor wild flowers, succulents, and leaves. I just don't know where to to start and how to start. Although, I've tried to make a few pieces, I know I still have a long way to go.

That's why I used nature, floral, and pink for this month's inspiration. Enjoy!

Day 04 - Embrace

Day 05 - Smack

Day 06 - Caress

Day 07 - Butterflies

Day 08 - Smooch

Day 09 - Glance

Day 10 - Tickle

Monday, February 5, 2018

February Mini Haul: The Crafters Marketplace

For a crafter like me, there's nothing else that could make my heart giddy than a parcel filled with craft materials; whether it's as small as a paperclip or as big as a 12x12 paper it will never fail to make me smile.

So here's for my February mini haul featuring The Crafters Marketplace.

Studio G Rubber Stamps | Daiso Watercolor Palette
Creative Year Bella Flora Mini Planner by Recollections | Aleene's Tacky Glue | We R Memory Keepers Washi Chomper 

Aleene's Tacky Glue
• Php250.00 • 
I decided to buy one because I know using a hot glue ain't enough for my paperclips, hair clips, and fabric flowers. If I want to sell them with great quality, I have to make sure the adhesive that I'm going to use could hold up the fabrics on its place for a long period of time. And I know this all-purpose adhesive is perfect for such projects.

Creative Year Bella Flora Mini Planner by Recollections
• got this at a discounted price of Php500.00, regular price is around Php800 •
Last year's planner was all made by hand - cut, lined, painted, and designed all by hand. It's satisfying to know that I get through 365 days by doing a handmade planner. But honestly (though it's economical that way) it is very time consuming; especially if you don't have all the time for yourself. That's why I gave in and said yes to this planner. Although I'll be missing my ring binder Webster's Planner, I know I'll be loving this one. I'll have to get used to using spiral-bound planner for now, good thing that large gold spring rocks!

We R Memory Keepers Washi Chomper
• Php750.00 •
Of all the WRMK tools, this Washi Chomper caught my attention. I play with bows, ribbons, and fabrics, and if there's one thing that I'm having a hard time with, it's that perfecting the V-shaped ribbon ends. And when I say perfect, that means all the pieces should have the same size, same measurement, and same cut. I know for sure WRMK Washi Chomper will help me with it - not only for washi tapes, but also for grosgrain ribbons, fabrics, and papers as well.

Daiso Watercolor Palette
• Php80.00 •
This is perfect for storing my watercolors from their tubes. Though I already bought a palette perfect for traveling from, this one is suitable for bigger brushes - it's less messy! *grin*

Studio G rubber stamps
• freebie, yay! •
I'm a late bloomer when it comes to stamps (rubber or clear), so these freebies from TCM's busy bee melted my heart. Thanks again for the stamps, Tracy!

There you go! So if you're looking for We R Memory Keepers craft tools, sticker and disc bound planners for memory keeping from MAMBI The Happy Planner, washi rolls and pretty spiral bound planners by Recollections, Cricut machines, and all your crafting needs, please visit The Crafters Marketplace. Watch out and do join Ms. Shine, TCM owner, and hundreds of other crafters as she hold Live Sales every now and then via TCM's Facebook Page.

The Crafters Marketplace

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Day 01-03: February Calligraphy Challenge

I'm so happy that I finally joined my first lettering challenge for this year! Honestly, up until now, I haven't really found a new challenge to join with. I still prefer the wonderful team of IdaTyra & Chrystal who created the @happyletteringchallenge

And because it's the February, the daily prompts are all about love! Here are the daily words for the whole month.

So here are my first 3 days of the challenge of #HappyLetteringChallenge.

Day 01 - Kiss

Day 02 - Unity

Day 03 - Care

Monday, January 29, 2018

WRMK Alphabet Punch Board: Thank you, The Crafters Marketplace!

This is probably one of every crafters dream, to win a crafting tool especially if it's from We R Memory Keepers.

October last year, I joined a giveaway by The Crafters Marketplace. The prize was supposedly a WRMK Mini Alphabet Punch Board but as the item was about to be shipped, I was given a chance to choose whether I'd like to have the mini or the bigger one - and I choose the latter.

the back of the package

When I got the packaged, I never thought it would be heavy and this big; the measurement including the packaging is 12x10 inches, and the tool itself is 11.25x7.25 inches, definitely bigger than your regular textbook. It is also quite heavy as expected because of the metal for two puncher mechanism attached on the board.

this is how it looked like under the ABC Punch Board

Now let's check what's included on the package.

The We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board includes:

🗸 The ABC Punch Board - this where all the measurement, cutting, and punching done to form your plain paper into an alphabet of your choice.

🗸  Blade - used to cut your 3x5 inches paper by sliding it through it's cutting guide.

🗸  Instruction Manual - this booklet contains guides for each alphabet and numbers, including exclamation point and ampersand. This instruction booklet can also be downloaded for free from the Android or Apple App Store.

Instruction Booklet

step-by-step guide on how to punch an alphabet

I tried a few letters to punch and as promised on my giveaway entry, I punched my daughter's name, IZZA. 

This punch board is perfect for creating banners, paper crafting, and more. There also a few projects you can do with this ABC Punch Board which is not limited to alphabets and numbers only. I was able to make a bow and punched a 3" circle from this tool. I will soon make a short post on how I did it. So watch out for it!

And to my giveaway sponsor, The Crafters Marketplace, thank you so much for picking me to house this lovely WRMK tool. I'll make sure to use it and create more craft projects that my daughter will surely enjoy! Thank you!