Quick Stop at Miniso

by - 9:20 PM

I finally had a chance to visit Miniso when I was in Cebu for the holidays and satisfied my curiosity on "what's inside" their store.

The moment I went in I noticed how bright their store is and I was amazed on how neatly organized their shelves are according to categories. I also like the minimalist appeal of their products which made me feel I'm in Tokyo.

So I looked over and see if I can find something to give for Christmas. Luckily I have found some for my friend, cousin, daughter, and of course, for my self.

Miniso Haul

Miniso Micro Particles Building Blocks - We Bare Bears (Php179), Panda (Php99), and Violin (Php149)

This is the tiniest blocks I've ever seen!

Minio Loose-Leaf Book / Planner - Php99 each

Miniso Planner Stickers - 2 for Php99
There are 6 Sheets per pack, If I only knew I would've gotten a different design for the other one.

Miniso Adhesive Hook - Php99

Miniso Magic Slimming Massager - Php99

At this point, there were only a few stocks left on some of their items. I would've anted to get wallets and pouches too but there were only a few design to choose from. I'll just check on Miniso again the next time we'll be back in Cebu.

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