Saturday, April 7, 2018

April Haul: Planner Punch Board, Paper Clips, Sticker Papers, and More...

It's April already and another month to feature my collective craft haul. I've been into several projects lately and some plans to revive my online shop. I'm also doing some organizing which made me decide to buy some stuff to finally start what needs to be done.

April Craft Haul

I'm not going to make this introduction long, so here's what I got for this month collective haul.

Bookstore Haul

Matte Sticker Paper
I've been into printing stickers recently and I find it very economical to use those FREE printable stickers from the internet for my memory planning. All I just need is my trusty printer and this very affordable sticker paper - matte finish to be exact.

Expert's Choice Photo Sticker (Transparent)
And because of the free printables, I'd like to try printing them on a transparent sticker and see if it will turn out nice. I wonder if there's a matte finish for transparent stickers too? Hmmm...

Paper Mate Correction Pen and G-TEC C3 Refill
I never thought I would be able to find a Paper Mate product here and I thought they only offer Flair Pens. It's a good thing though because I really need to have a correction pen for my planner. The G-TEC, on the other hand, is for my favorite pen! I'm having problems with my G-TEC since I dropped it on the floor a few times already. It's a good thing there are available refills near my place.

The Happy Mail and personal purchase

Crafter's Square Taper Runner and Scrivo 000 Watercolor Brushes
When my friend sent me a picture of the tape runner I really begged her if I could buy 1 from her. I love using double-sided tape on whatever project I do, even on gift wraps I use them too. So having this tape runner will make my life easier because I don't need to cut and peel every time I use them. Thanks, Tracy, for the extra one! ^_^   Now for the Scrivo Brushes, got it from her destash since she's not using it anymore and prefers bigger size for her projects; while I prefer 000 for my calligraphy.

Circle Puncher (1")
This is a pasabuy from Fairy Bunchkins shop which was shipped to my friends house together with her clear stamps haul and she shipped it here to me together with my TCM haul. Thank you again my friend! ^_^

Now these goodies are the Happy Mail from Tracy! Thank you for the clear stamp inks, band bookmarker, and for giving me 2 MAMBI The Happy Planner disc-bound rings so I could personally see the sizes of the mini disc! I definitely want more of the minis! Lol!

And thank you also for the Dried Basil Leaves! Let's cook some pasta! Lol!

The Crafters Marketplace Haul

Recollections Gold Polka Dot Zipper Pouch for my Webster's Pages ring binder planner to keep small notes and papers or what nots. And these gorgeous Staples Gold Jumbo Paper Clips for my upcoming project for my online shop! Yay!

And lastly, my most awaited haul-of-the-month, We R Memory Keepers Planner Punch Board with Spiral Punch Inserts and Disc Punch Inserts! These babies are love! I've came up with the decision to finally get them for myself to finally organize and compile all my artworks and my daughter's too. I can also use this for my spiral Recollections planner and put some inserts on it.

On the following days, I'll be posting my review about my recent WMRK purchase. I will also feature some some projects that uses WMRK Planner Punch Board and probably more ideas that will be helpful for you. So please watch out for it! ^_^

By the way, if you noticed, I don't post the price of each of my haul for one simple reason - prices may change in time and I don't want to mislead and cause confusion to you. But if you'd like to know how much I got them, please don't hesitate to comment. Alrighty?!

Till then! ^_^